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Borussia Dortmund OK, loan Michy Batshuayi until the end of the season.
Borussia Dortmund, the club's leading Bundesliga Bundesliga, Germany reached an agreement to loan Michy Batshuayi Chelsea striker Chelsea striker to join the English team on loan. Until the end of this season is completed. On Wednesday, January 31st.

At this time, just to give the Belgian national team shot. Only through physical examination. And if there is no mistake, 24-year-old Bukou will be playing for the "yellow shirts" after not succeed with Chelsea as it should since the move from the Marseille Olympics in 2016. The departure of Suarez with Dortmund will result in Pierre-Emirie Obama, Gabon striker has moved from the "yellow shirts" to play for the club. Meanwhile, Olivier Giroud, the French national team shot to the "gun" to stay with Chelsea.

Jose Mourinho manager of Manchester United club giant of the English Premier League manager Alexis Sanchez locking a new striker is close to Marcus rafford pioneered. Rising team To help develop their companionship. And also the first to help with the training. According to the disclosure of "The Sun," the media, the city's elite. During the past, the Raiders of the Roughford has gone down a lot. The 20-year-old has been playing in the league for just 13 games with 24 appearances and just four goals in the league.

The source said that the "red devil" stated that "the boss is trying to find something that will help the team always benefit. Choe likes to play all ages. It does not look like a coincidence that Alexis' new locker. It's mid-point between Marcus and Jessie Lin card. " Alexis will help Raftford move to the next level. Now Alexis joins the ring with the other players. And talk to others comfortably. He is very well adapted here. "

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Amy Shields Neymar after the fans were Pierce.
The Nightmare Trainer Paris Saint-Germain The billionaire club of the French Ligue defending Neymar spearhead the team. The Brazilian star was blamed for trying to play the show too much, and also out of the temper tantrums in the game Gap De La League. 3-2 on Tuesday, January 30th.

Although it is a real play. But the former Barcelona. There are no goalscorer in this game. It also has a rhythm that is too many times, it also has a rhythm that he pretended to help pull the rival to rise up. But then back off by letting the other party get up. "Butter is playing like this. He is a great player. So he has to enjoy himself when playing. In order to show a good form for the team. He needs to be protected (by the referee), not just in his case. But including all players, "said the Spanish coach.

In this game, the Parisian captain's backpackers, on loan from Monaco Monaco red card dismissed from the field. This is the first red card in the lives of the players and the Emir admits that their team deserves a red card. "Kyllyan received a red card from the opponent. And that's an example of what I say that every player has to be protected. "
The 46-year-old added that he was delighted that his team won the match. "We are very happy because it is difficult to break the victory here. But we beat them here in the Ligue 1, the Kappa de Chapelle and the Kappa de la League. My team deserved the result. "

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Paul Alkog, a former Premier League juggernaut, died
Paul Alkog, a former Premier League juggernaut, died at the age of 64 after fighting cancer in 2015, according to a news release on Tuesday, January 30. Alkog came out last year. It is a cancer of the third round, requiring surgery and skin peeling to remove the bone. I will come to the hospital.

Maidstone in Kent Last Monday afternoon, Alcoch became a celebrity director. It was a story with Paolo DiCano Sheffield Wednesday in 1998 after the red card gave the Italian star. The players are not happy and then there is pushed him lightly, but he panicked as if it was a violent clash and then DiCana was beaten by the Football Association (FA) penalty to 11 games. Ever

The media reported that Manchester United are preparing to open the field against Manchester City when they are interested in grabbing Bart Bart. Dortmund Dortmund club in the German Bundesliga team to join the Bundesliga.
The 27-year-old has been given the chance to play for the "yellow shirts" nine shots this season. But after Peter Sturridge took over as manager in the seminary of Idaho Park, his situation changed. The chance to move the team in January.

However, the "blue schooner" near the Emerald. Bilbao to join the team. So it is not likely to approach Bart this month, while "Red Devils" want to get the game to get stronger, even if just grabbed a Victorine Love to join the team when. The summer is over.

Do you want to go back to excuse 2 games?
Goalkeeper Gianluigi Buffon admits there are two games he wants to go back to edit. Play again And at this time, it is not hurry to make a decision about your future. Mr Buffett was 40 years old last Sunday. And not to mention that. If possible, he I want to go back to edit my own work in the UEFA Champions League last year, and the Euro 2012 finals in Italy lost to Spain demolished.

"Yes, I want to play again in the Champions League between Juve - Real Madrid last year. "It was a game we lost by not showing quality and personality in the field with both Italy and Italy," said Jimi.Juve lost to Real Madrid 1-4 in the Champions League final on June 3, 2017, while Euro 2012 in Kiev, Spain managed to chase Italy 4-0.

In addition, Buffalo also talked about his future. "I saw myself in football. Last It's my life. I do not know whether I will be a coach or a director or whatever. Because I need to spend another 5-6 months to stop when I quit playing. And make the brain clear "

The team of Arsene Wenger manager of Arsenal. Blame the team that played the game was very bad. In the English Premier League match they lost to Swansea City 1-3. The visitors came out before the lead from the door of Monza Monreal in the 33rd minute, but the local rivals. A minute later, Sam Culchas swans ahead of Swansea with two more from Jordan in the 61st minute and Cluj in the last four minutes of the game, Arsenal.

"I think we played very well and played a lot of mistakes. Do not mention the second or third ball better than Swansea, playing decisively, disciplined. And there is a thirst for victory. I think we did not play well enough. I believe we do not have enough discipline, "said the Frenchman.

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Marouane Fellini is on Manchester United.
Marouane Fellini, Belgian national team midfielder. Of Manchester United is hinted at the football in the area of ​​Old Ford to continue aiming to win the English Premier League next season. Even now it is not yet. Progress on the new contract extension instead of the current version. This is June.Fellini has just opened the door to help the home team. "I think it's a good win for the team," he said. We have three points and will play the Champions League next season and have three more to prepare before the finals. (Chelsea FA Cup on 19 May). "

"It's definitely already. Clubs like Manchester United need to play the Champions League. The page is very important for us. It will be the third year of the manager here. So we have to try to win the league. "
And "Daily Mail" media celebrity. That's it. Manchester United are preparing a new negotiating table for Marouane Fellini, the Belgian national team midfielder. Instead of the current issue remaining until the end of the season this week with Fellini is out of contract after the end of this season. There are ongoing rumors that the club Serie A, Italian Serie A, Turkish Premier League as well as the Premier League team like "Reds" Liverpool counterpart. Show interest Grab the ex-kicker "Blue toffee" Everton 30 years to join the army of money this summer.

I believe that the latest. I'm still in the process. Talk about the new contract because I still want to stay with the team. If you can find a mutual agreement. The key issue is whether he will sign a new contract is the contract period due to former Everton. Need a contract that works for at least 2 years, or if possible, for 3 years, while "Red Devils" are willing to offer only one year with the option to extend the contract for another 12 months.The original media added that both sides believed they could find a solution together, allowing Fellini to renew the contract eventually. But it is not clear how much more tired. The current £ 80,000 per week (about 3.6 million) together.